NEXPOW Car OBD2 Scanner, V311 Automotive Engine Fault Code Reader, Car Diagnostic Scan Tool with Battery Test Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996


(320 customer reviews)
  • ?【New Upgrade OBD2 Scanner】The V311 OBD2 code reader is capable of performing multiple diagnostic functions like determining the cause of the Engine Light, Read/Erase Code, View Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, Vehicle Information, Data Stream, BAT-Battery Detection, DTC lookup, RealTime Curve(Car Speed, Calculate Load Value, Engine Coolant Temp, Engine RPM), efficiently troubleshoot the Check Engine Light and the diagnostic trouble codes.
  • ?【Lightweight & Easy to Operate】 NEXPOW OBD2 plug and play, No battery or charger is required as it directly gets power from vehicle DLC. Fast scan and clear trouble codes, very easy to use, even a beginner can use this unit to read the error code, with what displayed on the screen. You can find out what the problem is and fix the easy ones yourself but don’t worry about going to the 4S shop for too expensive repairs, saving money.
  • ?【One-Click DTC Lookup】V311 engine OBD2 reader built-in over 3000 code definitions DTC library, the OBD2 Scanner reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes directly identify the code definitions on the screen, The enhanced fault code definition function helps you fully understand the meaning of the code. It saves you the trips to a mechanic, lets you decide whether it’s something you can fix or need more help, save money and time.
  • ?【 BAT Function & LCD Display 】- Vehicle code reader designed with a clear display LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) – white backlight and contrast adjustment. No need for any battery or charger, the OBD reader gets the power directly from your vehicle through the OBDII Data Link Connector. Besides, with the “BAT” button, a One-click battery check function allows you to detect car battery voltage.
  • ?【Strong Compatibility】Support 7 languages: Deutsch, Dutch, English, Italiano, Español, Français, Chinese. no matter where are you from, it always helps you. Our OBD2 scanner is compatible with all 1996 and newer model cars sold in the US, Europe, and Asia. Supports all OBD2 protocols: SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000), and ISO 15765-4(CAN). Note: This car code reader is incompatible with new energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles.


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320 reviews for NEXPOW Car OBD2 Scanner, V311 Automotive Engine Fault Code Reader, Car Diagnostic Scan Tool with Battery Test Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996

  1. Marvin

    Awesome tool. Accurate,

  2. gali

    After having some “check engine lights” issues, I bought this product, which caused me to borrow such a device from friends/neighbors.
    I bought a jump starter booster and was offered to purchase this item, and it was a great decision to add it.
    I’ve already had an opportunity to use it as my car had again, such light that turned on.
    The code was easy to read, and it also has a few other COOL features, such as live streaming data from the car’s engine.
    Erasing the code was a bit of struggling as the process failed, and the reason for that blinked for a second and disappeared, so it took me some time to understand why it didn’t erase the code. Still, eventually, I was able to read it, and it says to turn off the engine while erasing, whereas operating that device requires a working machine.
    But besides that – operating the device is easy and convenient.

  3. PetuniaPotpie

    I looked at the directions before using the scanner and they made no sense to me! Happily, I didn’t need them. Just plug device in and the rest is self-explanatory. (Fortunately I have had my engine light checked at Auto Zone many times so I knew exactly where to plug it in.)

    I found the directions to be bizarrely complicated so I’m removing one star for that.

  4. Moe Howard

    Had one similar for years until my son “borrowed” it so I ordered this one as a replacement. Takes all the guess work out and saves money.

  5. Danny Kirk

    My daughter sold me her 2005 Jaguar convertible and I was thrilled. It only has 48K mileage in mint condition and I enjoyed it so much all summer with my wife. I am 72 yrs old and this car brought back so many memories of my younger days. A week or go ago I went to the gas station and filled up the tank. Some time after I started up the car and the Check Engine light came on. OMG, all I could think about was the cost to fix this 16yr old car. I started reading how to get rid of my check engine light, looked at the Amazon reviews and I settled on this OBDII reader and it came in one day with prime. I Googled the location of my OBDII port and after reading the directions I plugged in the unit, turned on the ignition key and pressed the DTC button and the fault came up. The fault said major emissions leak check the gas cap. Sure enough the gas attendant had put it on wrong. So I installed the cap properly but how do I shut off the check engine light. Went back into the NEXPOW Screen, went into the engine settings, it again showed the fault and I was able to exit and go into erase the fault, clicked enter, reader said success. Shut off the ignition, removed the code reader, restarted the car and the Check engine light was gone!!! I am not a mechanic, I knew nothing about this device and I bet there are many people that have no clue such a easy code reader is available! Thank you Amazon and Nexpow for the V311 OBDII car diagnostic tool.

  6. Jerry Stitzel

    It’s a really solid device but the instructions aren’t very clear and quite minimal and the controls aren’t as user friendly as they could be. Overall, happy with this purchase.

  7. Bamaphin

    Decent reader for the orice

  8. Jerry Aylor

    Can’t beat the price. Works great

  9. Danny Killian

    The scanner arrived on time and is exactly as described. I’ve used it 3 times now in the last week to diagnose two friends cars whos check engine lights came on, both times I was able to pin point the exact problem thanks to my code reader Wich btw has the definition next to whatever code it detects Wich is super convenient as well so no more goggling to see what it is. For the price $25 you can’t go wrong, I’d definitely buy this product again

  10. Rondmc

    You have to have this. Easy to use, Easy to Erase Check Engine Light. Pulled the same result as one I borrowed from Auto Zone. Nice to have in the garage.

  11. Carolyn Mayes

    Fixing tune up light ,to go

  12. Marco C.

    Worka as it should. Easy to use

  13. preston shivers


  14. Eric B.

    Easy to use, reliable, and good price. My engine light was on for a couple months so I finally decided to buy an OBDII Scanner. I plugged this into the scan port and it brought up 0069, MAP sensor went bad. Easy fix and no more check engine light. I recommend this scanner.

  15. grego

    it works

  16. Eric Lobdell

    Sturdily built, operation is a little awkward but it does the job. Cord length is adequate. BUT, with two vehicles I used this tool on, the “Erase Codes” function does not actually clear codes properly.

    On other code readers, the erase/clear function takes a few moments. With this NEXPOW unit, clearing the codes is almost immediate. And if I re-scan, no faults are shown. The CEL is off when the car is started but comes on again within a few seconds, long before the car would run a diagnostic and throw a code. I suspect it is not properly clearing the codes in the ECU. In both cases, using a different OBDII tool, I was able clear the codes and they did not come back. It may be possible that the problem is not present for all vehicles. We observed the issue with a Saab and a Hyundai.

    But as a reader, it works very well. No batteries–takes power from the vehicle. And it has a backlit display which is nice (see image). Sturdy cardboard product box for storage too.

  17. Deidre Nicole

    Good value for my money!

  18. LLP092021

    Use this scanner to read and clear codes on Chevy, Dodge and Ford vehicles. Very easy to operate.

  19. Revanth Teki

    The service engine light of my car recently got turned on and that is why I have bought this device. The code I got is P2A00. So this machine quickly reads the code and let us know the issue. Also, it has few other options like checking the rpm of engine, erasing a code etc…

  20. AJM

    It’s really easy to use and it shows all codes possible! Now all the f asks to use it

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