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Best jump starter


Not a hands off charger, not a battery maintainer.

This is a great charger if you need something to charge a battery, then use it. You cannot use this charger to plug in to a battery in your garage, have it get to 100% then maintain that 100%. The unit will go to the 'OFF' mode once charging is complete, and remain that way until your battery is dead.

Again, a great charger for recharging your battery and getting it to 12.6 volts, but do not use it as a trickle charger or 'maintainer' charger. Sadly, it just does not work that way.

Lots of extra hardware to fit TV

Box was tightly packed, a good thing to minimize shipping volume. Was not inside a separate WALMART box. All the hardware was neatly packaged, labeled, and referenced in the install manual. The hardware included multiple sizes and lengths of the bolts to attach to the TV, along with a large assortment of spacers to account for different TV back designs. The weak point, IMHO, is the piece attaching the TV bracket to the mounting arm. There's two bolts you have to install, while holding the TV in place. That is after sliding the TV/bracket into the mounting arm, which is a tight fit needing some effort; so it's a two-person task. Also, the two bolts, which also control the tilt, need star washers (not the included flat ones) for a better grip. Same for the one bolt that controls horizontal level; it needs more grip friction. A better design would have the TV/bracket simply slide into a slot or notch on the arm, so gravity hold it in place; then add a small screw so it can't be knocked out. And have jackscrews to control tilt and level.


For the proce this was great buy installing it was so easy and it's been up on the wall for 4 months so far no problems just can't wrap my head around it being 20 bucks with no problems

Worth buying!

Bought this to install a tv in a spare room. The mount was very easy to install and looks great. It's not the longest arm extension but works for what it was intended. It seems to be sturdy enough to hold the 32" screen without any wobbling. I would recommend to anyone who needs a mount that won't break the bank and works just as good as the more expensive models and brands from big box home improvement stores.

Great, kids loved them

Maker didnt overflow and I got full and fluffy waffles. Kids loved them!

Good charger for the money

I've only used it several times. It seems to be a good charger for the money. I really recommend.

Works great

The instructions were a little difficult but that could be my fault. We got it together and now it works great!

So easy to install

I now have three of these, one in each bedroom. They are really easy to install and have freed up so much space in the room by getting the TVs on the wall.

Good for my TV

Works well and as intended. Installation was moderately easy (it took a little time to find a wall stud).

Great tv mount

This tv mount is great. It was easy to install and the price is great as well. The range of motion is a nice feature. Overall, very pleased with this purchase and will purchase again.

Decent wall mount bracket- used in shuttle bus conversion

I installed this in my shuttle bus conversion to mount a smaller TV. The mount is of decent quality and is fairly sturdy. My only complaint is that this mount is somewhat difficult to maneuver in tight spaces with a small TV attached. Overall a decent product.

Better than I expected

Its more solidly built than I expected. Its easy to use and makes a decent waffle.

Can a waffle maker be adorable?

This cute little waffle maker is a good size to travel with, or make waffles for one or two people. It heats up in just a couple of minutes and cooks like a champ. The first batch of waffles I made cooked and tasted fine, but didn't brown. When I changed the mix I used, that took care of it and they browned just fine. I use a pancake mix that you just add water to, and just a little bit of oil for making waffles. Easy peasy!

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